Adam O’Dell


Hi. I’m Adam!

If you had told me 15 years ago that I’d be a million-dollar investment strategist living near the Florida Keys… I would have called you crazy.

Even today, I have a hard time believing it’s real.

I wake up every morning in tropical paradise – a place most people visit on vacation.

And I do, for “work,” exactly what I love to do.

 To me – it really doesn’t get any better than that.

I’ve achieved what most people yearn for their whole life – personal and financial freedom.

But I’m not here to sugarcoat my life’s story. I won’t tell you it was easy.

Believe it or not, I was originally a Biology and Pre-Med major in college. I even completed a year of medical school before I realized I absolutely hated it.

So, I moved on.

In search of a new career and, of course, financial freedom, I got into trading… I started out as a broker and registered investment adviser… and eventually I earned a spot on the forex desk of a prop trading firm where I played the international currency markets.

By this time, I realized that not only did I enjoy investing, but I was also really good at it!

So, I dug in even more. I learned everything I could about technical and quantitative analysis – finally leveraging my science and math background from college.

I went on to earn my MBA and the coveted designation as a Chartered Market Technician (that’s the CMT behind my name), placing me in the upper echelon of market analysts.

And with my new career and years of successful trading experience under my belt, I joined Dent Research in 2011.

Helping You Make Money in Volatile Markets

As the Chief Investment Strategist at Dent Research, I’m the in-house numbers geek.

When it comes to detailed technical analyses, and running the numbers on short-term market variations, I’m the guy everyone turns to.

And it’s that “short-term” part that really defines my role within the Dent family.

Most investors don’t have that kind of time. That’s why you need someone to give you actionable recommendations – showing you the very best investment opportunities for the immediate, near-term future.

I strive to deliver the highest-quality blend of time-tested investing principles and cutting-edge trading tactics.

Just as I learned in my biology and pre-med classes, everything evolves… and the successful ones adapt. The same goes for financial markets and investing. And that’s why I absolutely love what I do every day.

Know that your success is all that matters to me.

My mission is to help you make smarter, better decisions that result in maximum profits.



Adam O’Dell, CMT
Chief Investment Strategist, Dent Research

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